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【The Japanese dining lifestyle at a rice shop in Ginza.】 We at AKOMEYA TOKYO, offer a wide rage of various foods and miscellaneous goods to enrich your dining lifestyle.You can also enjoy AKOMEYA TOKYO's dining lifestyle inside our restaurant "AKOMEYA CHUBO".

“HAPPINESS” can be spread from one bowl of rice.

The moment you open the lid, a cloud of warm steam is released. After the cloud disappears, a vision of shiny white rice appears.
Once the cooked rice is scooped into a bowl and held in one ’ s hand, this is the moment when Japanese people find “HAPPINESS” is achieved. Should I eat this rice by itself? Or should I accompany it with something else?
White rice enhances and invigorates your dining lifestyle. Everything centers around the anticipation of eating that delicious bowl of white rice. Delicious, Enjoyable, and Beautiful!
Tableware, kitchenware and side dishes give you pure and simple joy.
Come and experience this Japanese food culture that will guarantee you “HAPPINESS”!


【Find your style!】 A place that connects you to "genuine goods".

We at AKOMEYA, believe that items which express the thoughts and feelings of the artists with regards to history are "genuine goods".
The trustworthy craftsman who wants to make better products. The dedicated consumer who wants to have a better products. We at AKOYMEYA TOKYO, act as a bridge to connect the craftsman to the consumer.

[Rice] We at AKOMEYA TOKYO, carefully select premium rice from all over Japan, which is then polished at our store. [Food Products] Our seasonings and cured meats are specially chosen to enhance your dining table. 【Shop by style!】 [Japanese Rice Wine (Sake)] Made from select premium rice. Located in our Liquor section. [Cookware] We have a wide variety of cookware ranging from traditional to modern, regardless if it’s Japanese or Western-style. [Accessories] We have canvas made bags and small items for personal use. 【Eat width style!】 [Tableware and Miscellaneous Goods] We sell ideal items that bring excitement to your dining lifestyle. [AKOMEYA CHUBO (restaurant)] We use the same products we sell in our store to cook and serve the food so that you can enjoy the goodness of our products. We are also available for parties and catering. [Gifts] You can combine items that add richness and delight to your dining lifestyle. [Flea Market (NOMINOICHI)] Collection of handmade crafts and recycled items.


Two completely opposite and different things
that co-exist together to create a new style and culture.
An old tradition and a new practice without any bounds and handmade
work by skilled artisans and modern industrial products.
Japanese pride and strong attention
to detail are inhabited in both products.
try to spread the NIKO DOTAI concept as a new component
of Japanese culture.


2-6 Ginza 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061
03-6758-0271 AKOMEYA CHUBO(restaurant)
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11:00 to 21:00
11:30 to 22:00
Last Order Dining 21:00
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