At the heart of fuku (fortune) sharing,
AKOMEYA TOKYO wishes to distribute
the happiness achieved by unfailing devotion.

Craftsmanship refined by aspiration and tradition.
An uncompromising attitude to pursuing genuine creations.
Desire to please others through masterful works.

Such creations achieved with enormous dedication will gain the power to make people happy.
Petty or maybe even humble, we hope that our loved ones will also feel this joy.

Distributing the fortune called happiness - this is at the heart of AKOMEYA TOKYO’s fuku sharing.

Happiness that unites and spreads
from a bowl of freshly cooked rice

Open the lid of a rice cooker, and shiny white rice appears.
The rice is complemented by the finest ingredients, which deliciously fill our table.
This is the moment that we find happiness.
Eating a delicious meal makes us impatient for the next one.
It brings unifying happiness and spreads lavishly.

A life where tools exude the appearance of grace

Dishes that have been carefully prepared for a happy dining experience.
Instruments that have been pared down to their simplest form to be incorporated into our lives.
Sophisticated items that add not only convenience
but color to our daily lives.
Because they are everyday tools, we value their graceful appearance.

A happy moment filled with deliciousness

A space where you can enjoy freshly-cooked rice while
it is still hot.
Menus that use seasonal ingredients and flavors.
Encounter flavors carefully and passionately produced
by culinary professionals.
Enjoy an unforgettable, happy moment filled with deliciousness.

AKOMEYA’s original products

AKOMEYA’s original products

We offer AKOMEYA’s original products including food
and goods that are created based on our genuine, painstaking approach,
including rice, dashi, seasonings and cooking utensils.

Share your feelings with a gift.

Share your feelings with a gift.

We send gifts to people many times throughout our lives,
such as in celebration, gifting in return, seasonal greeting, and casual gifting.
Share your feelings by giving something suitable for the occasion.